Stoty of Divyang Salute to Jaydev Pal,s Courage

Divyang Jaydev Pal became self- reliant and became a source of inspiration

Divyang Jaydev Pal
Jaidev Pal Makes  cycle by lying on tha cot

Musabani : It is said that if the spirit is high,then a person can beat physical disability. The same picture was seen in Deoli village of Musabani block. Divyang Jaydev Pal is able to run a family by repairing bicycles and motorcycles even in this. family’s livelihood for the last two years by repairing bicycles and motorcycles by lying on the cot. In this work,his wife lalita Pal helps a lot. Evey morning at 8 o’clock,wife lalita Pal,performing her husband’s religion,takes her husband Jaydev Pal by tricycle to his cycle repairing shop located in Sankh river police of Gohla Pancgahayat. After working hard throughout the day at 6 pm,he goes to his house in deoli. Jaidev earns 150 to 250 rupees in cash every day from this work. Although the tricycle and pension have been received from government still Jaidev is not sitting for this. Even  today ,by working,he is well bearing the burden of mother,father,wife and two children in the house. From time to time his son also comes to the shop to help his father. The education expenses of both the children are also met from this income.Jaydev was not disabled since childhood. He was Studying intermediate in Ghatshila College,When he fell from the roof of the houseand got hurt. His legcould not be cured even after getting lakhs of treatment. By that time he had been married. Started cycle repairing work from home to run the house. After that gradually he opened his shop on the side of musabani deoli main road located on the river sankh. Today he is not interested in anyone with the help of his wife. He is capable of running a family of five member. Jaydev said that if he gets motorized vehicle,then he will get help in coming to the shop himseif with the goods of the shop. He has demanded prime minister’s residence to hide his head for the government. Vikram aditya pal who came to do cycle repairing from such people.seeing this others should also learn.Salute to jaidev pal’s fate.

Divyang Jaydev Pal
Divyang Jaydev Pal repairs bicycle wheel

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