In summer, three Musabani youths arranged for piou to save the birds

In  summer, three Musabani youths arranged for piou to save the birds 

The three friends hang matka on tha trees

Musabani :- Often in summer we find the value of water, someone has said very true that water is life, in summer, humans can arrange water for themselves from anywhere. But for animal specially birds, life becomes a game of death. While the incident of forest fire is happening in the jungles in the rural areas continuously in the summer. What are the status of the cattle birds in this situation, you also know very well. There are the three youths of Phuljhri village in Musabani under Ghatshila subdivision of East Singhbhum district. Has pledged to arrange water for the birds. Three young men Sunil Patar, Kalam Patar and Manik Patar of Phuljhari village of Musabani block are busy in arranging piau for the drinking water of birds in the surrounding forests areas in the scorching heat. Arjin Chok and forest Dalmakocha are filling the water by tying matka in the branches of trees, so that the birds can get drinking water on time and the village is always happy with its singing sound. Every year, during the summer season , the water in the river drains is lead to , in such a situation that there is a danger of reducing the number of birds due to lack of water to drink. The efforts of this rural youth are giving great relief to the birds. Everyday they fill the bottle with water in the morning and go to the jungles and fill water in the hands kept in the trees, so that the birds do not have to stray from the drinking water. Sunil Patar told that one day under the tree behind his house he was doing some work. At the same time, he saw that many birds are sitting on top of the tree and watching him. At that time he kept  water in a bowl and went away. After some time when he came and saw a lot of birds were coming down from the tree and drinking water. Then he realized that maybe there is a shortage of water in the forests. Due to which birds were craving for water, since then he got the idea that he would go to the nearby forests and hang water on the trees  so that the thirst of the birds could be quenched and the atmosphere of the village would remain happy because of it.

Three youths standing with matka and water 

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